About The Disgruntled Architect

     Welcome to The Disgruntled Architect.  I am not actually disgruntled, I just like musing on life as an architect in general.  I find the architecture industry to be a contradiction of terms and full of delightful ironies.  I am actually a practicing architect, though not yet licensed, and in general I do, in fact, love my job.

     This blog was started at the urging of a good friend with whom I work.  For years we have spent quality company time, and yes I billed every one of those hours to a project, exchanging lightning quick emails at the rate of an AIM instant messenger (I just dated myself) with snarky and entertaining comments on the state of our jobs and the industry in general.  Finally, I have taken it to the streets so we can all share in the snarky musings of a disgruntled architect.

     Feel free to share the link with friends, family, pets, and industry consultants….yes, sometimes engineers get the humor…or just keep it to yourself and post an occasional snarky comment.  Enjoy!

Yours Truly,

The Disgruntled Architect

    • Anonymous
    • October 15th, 2011

    love the site…. Maybe when you are fully qualified you will be really disgruntled …. or maybe you wont! Good luck! Another disgruntled architect ……

      • Anonymous
      • May 16th, 2012

      “I am actually a practicing architect, though not yet licensed..” No, actually, you are NOT an architect until you are licensed. If you doubt me, post your name & contact information. I’ll report your use of the title “architect” to your state board. After being fined & possibly banned from ever practicing, you’ll learn the correct use of the term.

      A Licensed Architect

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