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Noticeably Absent….

Okay, so I have been absent recently.  I think I fell into the abyss of lack of motivation and inspiration.  Architects find themselves in this dark hole frequently when a project is in CA; our creative drive is eaten up in the process of reviewing RFIs and Submittals.  Something about reviewing metal fabrications for color and size has just sucked the life out of me, leaving me with no other option than sitting on my couch night after night contemplating writing a blog entry or watching NCIS re-runs.  And yes, I chose NCIS; don’t judge me, it’s a good show.  I am beginning to have dreams where I am stuck in Newforma, it’s not a good state of affairs.

So, as I re-enter the world of blogging snarky disgruntledness, I thought I would leave you with this poster.  I agree with it’s sentiment, except the working for free part….I would not do that.  🙂  Happy Monday!

Image Courtesy of Swiss Miss

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