Weight Loss for Architects…

I often sit at my desk wondering how few calories I might be burning by doing such strenuous things as shifting my weight in my chair, typing intently or clicking my mouse, or walking to the fridge to get another diet 7-up (yes, I drink diet 7-up and it is crisp, clean and refreshing just like the can says).  Some days, when I am working a deadline and the phone is ringing off the hook with CA questions, my blood pressure might rise slightly under the stress and therefore I like to think that on those days I might approach burning a few bites of the sandwich I bought for lunch.  I try to run, keep up a good exercise routine of some sort, at least in the effort to decompress the bulging disks I am undoubtedly creating in my ever compressing spine.  But 5:00 or later comes around and I am hungry again because it’s dinnertime, not because my body is feeling devoid of calories in any way, and going for a run seems to delay eating again far too late into the evening.  Certainly, after my exhausting day of no physical movement whatsoever, you can’t ask me to go for a run too – it’s madness!

I recently read an article that said sitting for 8-10 or more hours a day will do irreparable damage to your body and essentially cause you to die earlier.  It also said that the results of sitting for that long and the atrophy that takes place cannot even come close to being counteracted by even 1-hour of exercise a day.  I feel like that author may be a little fatalistic and perhaps biased by the ever-increasing trend of people who think we should make time in our day to exercise for “health” reasons.  These people are clearly not architects.  Architects manage their weight by eating very little, usually in small panicked snacks between calls and ftp uploads.  We cannot be bothered with full meals and therefore calorie intake remains relatively low.  For our consultants reading this blog, it’s important to note that lack of food intake results in low blood sugar which inevitably results in crankiness and lashing out at anyone who offers criticism or additional work load.  So, when we yell at you on the phone and insinuate that you are a moron, please understand that it is just the blood sugar talking.  We are, in fact, pleasant people and when given the time to eat a well-managed diet we can be readily coaxed into cooperation and seeing another’s point of view.  So in honor of this post, I suggest that we all consider living in the Jakub Szczęsny’s Keret House design below.  It will force us all into a diet because who wants to sleep outside in a cardboard box because they were too fat to fit into their house?  The whole neighborhood would know if you had to loosen your belt just a little.  Also, get rid of your car and start walking (which will help with the weight loss issue) because there is no room for it here.  Happy dieting!






Images courtesy of  Centrala

    • Anonymous
    • October 15th, 2011

    I think its the stress of deadlines and incompetent contractors (for example) that keeps you thin even though you may barely move for 8 hours a day…. that repetitive click click of the mouse means my right wrist, arm, and shoulder are constantly knotted so even when swimming i seem to go in circles ….. another disgruntled architect!

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