Office Playgrounds…


Okay, so I have been conspicuously absent the last week…I probably should have warned everyone I was on vacation.  And in light of my week of playing hooky I returned to work yesterday to shop drawings and LEED submittals; FYI LEED online is a laborious pain in the keester and I will soon be posting about a glorious new possibility that has the potential to replace LEED, or so Architectural Record says.  And we all know that what happens in Architectural Record stays in Architectural Record.  I digress.

But because offices lack that “je ne sais quoi” that embodies the vacation spirit, I am proposing that more offices should offer naptimes and playgrounds.  Google and Facebook have it right.  An adult sized jungle gym never hurt anyone and seriously, if you are reading this blog right now at 11:17am EST in the United States then productivity and billable time are not your main concerns in life either.  So, below is an installation NET by Numen/For Use (creators Sven Jonke, Christoph Katzler and Nikola Radeljkovic) that was created for the Belgian gallery Z33 and I propose that every firm has this installed in the breakroom.  It is exercise, fun and ridiculousness all rolled into one web.  Bring your Spiderman costume and have a great time.








Images courtesy of ForUse, Z33 and Dezeen


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