Speaking of stacks of books…


After seeing the creative wall display from Elding Oscarson that upcycles used magazines, I was excited to see a similar installation at the  Children’s Book Museum in the Hague designed by Platvorm, Amsterdam and Grob Enzo.  It has such a clever and fantastic use of books integrated into the interactive exhibit that draws kids into a world of creative energy and fantastic storytelling.  This is a really cool space for people of any age, but a wonderfully delightful imaginarium for kids.  The exhibition is nicknamed, “Papiria,” and it emphasizes the magic of word and image through spectacular design.  During their voyage of discovery through Papiria, visiting children create their own digital story figure and then write a story, draw a picture, compose a poem or let their imagination go in the accompanying workshop. The interactive exposition is an experience in itself. The use of multimedia and various art disciplines bring the classic medium of the book into today’s day and age. The exposition has 12 interactive games, 18 short audiovisual productions about making a story, 30 design stations where children can create their own story figure, 111 original illustrations by 68 different illustrators, more than 150 sound fragments and some 50,000 books on the shelves.

For anyone who loves to read, this is a wonderland.  So take a moment of way cooler billable time and wonder through the fantasy yourself and reminisce about your favorite childhood tale…






















Images courtesy of Platvorm

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