Slowpoke Cafe…

I will admit before I even start this post, that I am a Starbucks kind of person.  Yes, I buy into all the consumerism and I like to have my little paper cup with the sleeve that says “Starbucks” on it with the funny little green mermaid that I am told has something to do with actual literature, Moby Dick.  Maybe it’s because I am a big city person and where I am from in Washington DC, the self-importance quotient of everyone on the metro is unbelievably high and for some reason is fueled by holding brand name coffee products.  I will make a caveat here, however, that I am not rich enough to hold a Dean and Deluca cup of coffee, I am an architect after all, those people take towncars to work and do not ride the metro or sit in traffic.  So I enjoy getting my coffee order and with that tall cup of piping hot crack, my self-importance factor goes up just a little and I take my place in the line of other important coffee drinkers whose identities are defined in their cup of joe.

I will occasionally take in a local cafe, I have a favorite in particular that I frequent when I am not mainlining my drug of choice from Starbucks.  These cafes are always so artsy and trendy, which appeals to my mildly artistic architectural side – making me think I could play in an indie band or paint something also if I just put my mind to it, but I am weary of them because I worry they may not get my drink perfectly on queue.  There is nothing worse than dropping $3.50 on an overpriced and over ingredient-ed drink only to have it taste bad and lack the chutzpah to have them do it over.  I digress.

All of this is to intro a really cool cafe in Melbourne, Australia which was renovated and redesigned using reclaimed and recycled materials and timber from flea markets, furniture makers and flooring manufacturers.  Starbucks it’s not, but Slowpoke Espresso gets my vote any day and since I am a complete sucker for anything designed out of wood I wanted to share this cozy cafe with you all.  It was redesigned and renovated by Sasufi, French-born and Melbourne based graphic designer & visual artist Anne-Sophie Poirier. After graduating as an architect in 2006 and working in one of Australia’s top architectural firm, Anne-Sophie soon realised her passion was also for design and visual art. In 2009, she started freelancing for various clients in Australia, France and the UK. She now offers a wide range of services, from interior design to web design, product packaging and photography and she was the mastermind behind this cool piece of reclamation.  So grab yourself a cup of joe and enjoy browsing these awesome pics.

Images courtesy of Sasufi

  1. I just stopped by your blog and thought I would say hello. I like your site design. Looking forward to reading more down the road.

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