Kindergarten for Architects…

I don’t think it’s any surprise among designers that educational facilities could use a face lift when it comes to school layout and design.  For various reasons ranging from economics to politics, schools for young kids rarely create an environment that encourages learning and active minds in a way that is outside the box and inspiring.  I saw this today a popular blog, Dezeen, and just couldn’t resist passing it on here.  It’s a school in Italy, Kindergarten Terenten, by architects Field72.  I love the space and applaud the school and the architects for designing something so engaging for young kids.  Well done to Austrian architects Field72!

Love this design for a kindergarten and daycare, fantastic use of natural lighting and surprising pops of color!  Very playful nooks and crannies in this design create a completely awesome learning environment for active kids at that age.  I wish we designed more like this in the States for our educational facilities; I think schools would see a significant jump in grades, participation and overall attitude about education among students.  I applaud this attempt to use design as a means for creating active and engaging spaces.  Wow, love it!

Images courtesy of Dezeen and Field72

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