Stress Release for Architects

Architects have a lot of stress, this goes without saying.  Long days, frustrating consultants, the inevitable wasteland of our creativity, etc, etc.  But, we all need a way to get stress out.  Some of us simply get sucked into our jobs and implode, working longer hours and demanding ridiculous schedules of other people, “what, you didn’t get my email to make that change to the sketch-up model last night at 10:30?  But we need to have it this morning, that’s why I emailed you…”  Don’t pretend you don’t know that person and if it’s you, you’ve got to get a life.

Other people attempt to be more creative in their off time and try to reclaim what was lost of their former artistic and esoteric selves.  If you have started diversifying your wardrobe and wearing color for instance, you have lost that spark and are much too stressed out…you need a break.  Still others go the other direction and throw themselves into the esoteric, attending conferences and entering conceptual design competitions and touting why Zaha and UNstudio are the wave of the design future and why are we all stuck designing marginal and normalized architecture?  You know this person too because typically when they speak, you can’t understand a word they say and you are briefly taken back into your college conceptual studios where 3ds Max and Rhino renderings sufficed for actual project presentation, no drawings needed.  This person can also be identified because it is likely that they are, of course, wearing black and their jeans have become uncomfortably tight (read: skinny fit) as have their shirts and they are wearing thick rimmed glasses and too much gel in the hair.  I am all for style, but when you have no time to workout then tight fitting styles are not for you…

To deal with this need for stress release, I am presenting you with a new option courtesy of The Practice of Everyday Design and designers David Long and Antoine Morris.  Their Log Chop Bench is the antidote to everyone’s need to break something.  They designed the Log Chop Bench for the Mercer Union’s 2011 Steller Living Contemporary Art and Design Auction.  Basically, this awesome bench installation was created off of no drawings (collective squeal of delight!) and created by letting a lumberjack hew the living daylights out of a tree trunk and then a motorcycle saddler maker hand stitched the seats.  It is sweet, see the pics below, you won’t regret it.

So, the next time you feel the need to blow some steam, I suggest you get an ax and go to work on a tree log and hopefully, if you are as good of architects as these guys, you will have an awesome furniture installation to show for your stress when you are done…enjoy!

Images courtesy of The Practice of Everyday Design

    • Dave G
    • May 17th, 2011

    Appreciated the comments about those who are sucked into their jobs. I have even heard about people who continue their work while on vacation. Can you imagine?

    P.S. Does the woman swinging the axe still have all of her body parts?

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