Darth Vader, AIA, LEED AP

Good morning and happy Friday to all!  I am pleased to feature a guest blogger this morning whose snarkyness and wit are something to be admired.  And  yes, he is an architect of majorly disgruntled proportions.  Please take a moment of valuable and billable company time to enjoy this Friday morning story.  I feel that it is always good to realize that you have something in common with the world’s most famous villain…enjoy!

Don’t blame Darth Vader, he was just a misunderstood and misguided architect.  That’s right, I said it, try to argue otherwise, you can’t.  Think of all the facts: as a child young Anakin had an overwhelming talent and everyone could see it;  just like any talented young architect he was sure that his ability would change the world around him and that his new take on design would change the world of architecture forever.

His talent and ambition would lead him to the best school, with the best professors one could ask for.  He would train rigorously and put in long hours, perfecting and honing his apparent skill.  Though even with this great faculty to draw knowledge from, young Skywalker still undermined his teachers and was upset when they did not recognize his apparent talent; critiquing and correcting his every perfect move.  He longed to be out of school, away from the academics, where his skills would be recognized for their worth and put into practice.

After school Anakin jumped right into an internship, eager to show off his talents in real world situations.  Even here, Anakin felt held back and stifled; upset that he had to work under someone with less design talent and inferior skills to perform the task at hand.  His digruntledness grew and festered each day.

Instead of staying at his job, learning patient, good design, he is lured to the largest, most powerful firm where he is promised quick fame and more power.  He realized that he could take the position and fulfill his dreams of changing the world around him.  And so, he goes the way of every disgruntled architect presented with that enviable opportunity; he is turned to the dark side.

Now Darth Vader is quickly recognized where ever he goes and his fame is increasing.  He is put on the largest project conceived, so large that an old friend from a former internship remarks, “That’s no moon…”  Darth is intoxicated with his new found power.  He is arrogant in his thoughts, nothing can stop him now, everything he will do will change world.  As his project goes into CA, and nearing substantial completion, his confidence knows no bounds and he begins to act carelessly, letting things slip through the cracks.

Becoming more arrogant, he overlooks a submittal provided by a small security subcontractor.  It isn’t much, but an exhaust vent the size of a Womp Rat is left unsecure.  A group of rebels would later exploit this error and destroy the project.  The firm and Darth Vader’s promising career would never fully recover.

Underused Talents, Arrogance, Looking for Fame, Wears only Black, hates CA… Darth Vader, AIA.

-Darth Anonymous

  1. wow – now that’s what i call a good article. keep up the work

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