Exercise for Architects…

In a concerted effort to encourage architects to get out and see the world, invest in a hobby, and diversify their time portfolio I am highlighting an additional post on National Bike Month.  In case you were wondering if, in fact, cool design can have anything to do with life outside the office, take a look at this awesome bike shop, Pave.  The design is by Joan Sandoval and branding by Marcel Batlle and I think it deserves a peruse.

It’s a one stop shop, including showers so that bikers can clean up after training, and plenty of space to try out all the gear; an all- in- one time saver, every architect’s dream!  Also, for those of you architects who dream of being physically active, but simply cannot bring yourself to do anything but vegetate after a long day’s work, you are welcome to hang out in their cafe and watch the Tour de France, drink coffee, read cycling magazines and imagine that you are burning calories just by watching people cycle and being in a store full of bikes.  I am personally a fan of the awesome integration of stone street pavers in the store, it makes great use of texture and materiality in connecting the interior to the urban fabric.  Very cool.  Happy cycling, or not.

Images courtesy of Dezeen

    • Jeff k
    • May 12th, 2011

    The stone floor might be a reference to the cobblestone section of the tour de france. Always a fun and bloddy section of the tour.

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