Guilty Little Pleasures….

Daisy Chair: Demacker Design

For those who don’t know this about architects, we have a secret little lust for furniture design.  As far as we are concerned, furniture is the next best thing to architecture and we would have gone into furniture design if it had paid more…I am now wondering if we made the right choice based on that criteria.  Each of us, while in school, either had access to a furniture design studio class or heard about the elusive and awesome furniture design studio at another school that was obviously way cooler than ours based on that class alone.  If we had the class, a rare few of us took it, and the rest of us just didn’t have the time – we were busy becoming architects.  Secretly, however, we turned dark green with envy over the architects who made it through that studio with an awesome piece of furniture to show for it.  The best things I had to show from my architecture  studios were a bunch of boards my professors wrote on during the critique and a basswood model that would eventually find its way into the graveyard of “the model room” or end up in the school dumpster because I was too lazy to pick it up at the end of the semester.  But oh, to have a piece of intriguing furniture…

That said, furniture is dreamy.  There are many architects who slave away in their garages, in their spare time, crafting cool furniture and the rest of us peruse design blogs to satisfy our design lust or dump massive amounts of our meager salaries amassing furniture collections.  Chairs, for some reason, are at the head of this design lust and many an architect has some elusive chair in their home most probably designed by another architect.  There is something so beautiful about furniture.  It has all the same allure of architecture, amazing lines and forms and materiality to tickle the senses, but perhaps it represents a world where all is right.  You never hear about catty furniture consultants; who has ever argued over the design and construction schedule of a Wassily chair or had to meet the rigorous requirements of MAFBE textile distributors and furniture subcontractors?  The answer is, you don’t (and if you do, I don’t want to hear about it…I am living just fine in my fantasy world).  It is architecture that you can take home and put in your living room.  Glorious.

And so, for all you architects out there who love furniture with a secret inflamed passion, I leave you with some eye candy from the Demacker Design recent launch of the Daisy Chair… also definitely visit their site:

Images courtesy of Demacker Design via Arthitectural

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