Why we can’t take a vacation…

Architects rarely take vacations.  Don’t get me wrong, we get “vacation” time at our companies.  It’s one of the many “benefits” and “perks” of the job.  However, we find it difficult to capitalize on the “benefit” because we are complete work-a-holics.  If we aren’t working or stressing about something, we find that we have no purpose in life and the universe starts to close in on us.  Actual anxiety attacks start to brew in the pit of our being and the only thing that can squelch the feeling of impending doom is to find a loose end, stress about it and find a way to tie it up.  Rinse and repeat.

And, I might add, if we do take a vacation we always have our phone on and with the advent of take-it-into-the-toilet-with-you smart phones we can answer consultant emails and respond to RFIs while surfing in Waikiki Beach.  Our friend the out of office assistant in Outlook simply won’t do and we feel compelled to help the little guy with his job.

If you are an architect, don’t try to deny this or blame your boss (who, by the way, also does not take vacations).  Secretly, we revel in letting people know that we are responding to work in our personal time.  For example, the following words have most definitely crossed your lips:

“Well, I am out of the office today but I will be checking email periodically so go ahead and send it and I can get back to you on it by tomorrow morning;”

“I will be out on vacation all of next week, but I’ll have my laptop so I can tackle that if its urgent;”

“Go ahead and send it over, I can look at it after the kids go to bed;”

“Yes, its a boy, we are really excited and mom and baby are doing great!  Go ahead and email it and I’ll get to it in the morning….congratulations?  Oh, yeah, thanks!”

So, in honor of my upcoming first real vacation I have taken in six years, enjoy some hotel architecture eye candy and lust over my opportunity….. and yes, I will have my all-inclusive iphone on if you need to contact me.

DASPARK HOTEL, Reused Pipe, Andreas Strauss


Helix Hotel, Leeser Architects

Helix Hotel

Helix Hotel

Tree Hotel, Mirrorcube, Tham & Videgard Arkitekter

Tree Hotel

Tree Hotel

Villa Vals, studio SeARCH

Villa Vals

    • Jeff k
    • May 4th, 2011

    The last image reminds me of Bag End. Oh if only i was a Hobbit.

    • Don’t sell yourself short, you could be a Hobbit yet. Start by eating several meals a day and working towards a schedule that includes multiple naps – this may mean you’ll need to quit your job, but I feel it may be worth it. We should all be hobbits and the world would be a more well rested and satisfied place…

    • Haggles
    • May 4th, 2011

    The pipe hotel needs to work on marketing, I think. The first pic looks cool and modern. The second reminds me of a tomb. How do you get out? On the third day an angel moved the stone from Jesus tomb, I doubt that is in the cards at this jobsite hotel.

    But, there I’ve stumbled on the business plan! It is the Contractor Costanza suite. On the inside a cozy hotel, on the outside a jobsite – no one will know if our friendly hobbit-in-training contractor is taking a nap. And his boss will be impressed that his car is there last and first every day.

    Ok architects, let’s see the open floor plan cubicle layout complete with Costanza sleep pods because, as you know, there needs to be another excuse to sleep at your office and feel like you are “getting away with it.”

    • I agree, this may be the wave of the future for job sites; contractors sleeping in pipe hotels on the site. Just be careful which pipe gets buried…

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